Andrew Price

Andrew was born on the 15th of February 1974. Since then he has spent every spare moment in the pursuit of Adventure. He has travelled extensively all over the world in order to study the traditional skills of indigenous peoples including the Orang Astli people of the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia, as well as the native inhabitants of Australia and Canada.

Andrew Price, Owner and Head Instructor at Dryad BushcraftHe is an experienced practitioner of a wide range of outdoor pursuits including Kayaking, Cycling, Rock Climbing, and Mountaineering. He is also passionate about Film making and the Dramatic Arts, graduating in 1997 with a Degree in Media and Theatre studies. This background in performance arts lends an infectious spontaneity and energy to his teaching.

"I first became interested in learning how to live in the outdoors at a very young age when my Father showed me how to catch sea Bass and Mackerel around the Gower coast, from an old Canvas and Wood Kayak. Later, I would spend every spare moment exploring the woods close to my home, or reading about the great explorers and their exploits. At the age of eighteen I took part in a Raleigh International expedition to Malaysia, an experience that would change my life and set me on the course to travel all over the world, and to discover all I could about the natural world and the lives of its indigenous people. 

Dryad Bushcraft was started a few years ago with funding from the Welsh assembly sustainable development fund. My objective was to provide courses in the techniques of sustainable living through the medium of Bushcraft and other outdoor activities. Dryad Bushcraft now runs courses for a wide range of individuals and organisations throughout Wales, and we are continually designing new courses and activities in order to keep things interesting. One of our newest developments is the ability to offer a range of Welsh language Bushcraft and Survival courses, which are proving extremely popular." Andrew Price Head instructor of Dryad Bushcraft.

Television and Radio

Andrew Price is the presenter and technical consultant for the online Bushcraft and Survival Skills series 'The A-Z of Bushcraft'. This series has been running for over 3 years and has built up a strong following throughout the world . The first series has also been produced as a DVD.

ITV's Coast and Country

Andrew travels through the country and over the coast of Wales getting the to heart of the story's that make Wales such a great place to be

Clips from the Coast and Country series can be seen here:

BBC series 'Britain's Favourite View'

Saw Andrew escorting International Soprano (and local girl) Katherine Jenkins down Paviland Cave on Gower.

Canadian Television

A cookery programme called "A Chef Abroad" presented by TV Chef Michael Smith. Andrew showed him how to forage for mussels and other coastal delicacies.

BBC Children's television Ceebeebies

Andrew featured on 'The Big Balloon Club'


'Heaven and Earth Show'

BBC Wales

The Coal House series

BBC Radio Wales

Andrew has been a guest or expert on several programmes.

Andrew has recently received requests from television production companies in New Zealand and America and will shortly start filming a four part television series for BBC Wales.


Andrew Price regularly writes for specialist magazine 'Bushcraft and Survival Skills' and has also written articles on outdoor education for the Western Mail and been featured in numerous publications including the Guardian, Express, South Wales Evening Post, Swansea Life Food Magazine, Red Handed Magazine, Wales Tourist Board Brochure and many more.

Bushcraft Courses

  • Expeditions +

    Expeditions Norway Expedition 2010 This expedition will take place in the Beautiful Setesdal Valley of Southern Norway. This Expedition will combine Read More
  • 1 week Bushmaster Course +

    1 week Bushmaster Course This course is only for those who already have some experience of Bushcraft. A reasonable level of physical fitness is Read More
  • Scout association Badge Course +

    Scout association Badge Course This course has been especially designed to incorporate all the requirements for the Scout association Survival Badge. During this course Read More
  • Gower Castaway Adventure +

    Gower Castaway Adventure Have you ever wondered how you would manage if you were trapped in the wilderness? Would you know how to Read More
  • Primitive Living Skills Course (Flint knapping) +

    Primitive Living Skills Course (Flint knapping) The Gower Primitive Living Skills course will bring you closer to experiencing the lives of our Stone age ancestors than Read More
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  • Bushcraft Equipment +

    For overnight courses you should bring whatever items you would normally take Camping. We will supply most Read More
  • Clothing +

    Remember this is Wales; and it can get cold at night even in Summer, so bring plenty Read More
  • Wash Kit +

    Tooth brush, Tooth paste, Biodegradable Soap and Shampoo, small Towel + anything else you normally use. Sleeping bag Read More
  • Small First Aid Kit +

    Should include Scissors, Tweezers, adhesive dressings or a Plaster strip, antiseptic wipes and cream, Asprin or Paracetamol, Read More
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Bushcraft How to's

  • Cooking a Fish on a stick +

    Cooking a Fish on a stick What could be better on a warm spring day than to spend some quality time fishing for Read More
  • Damascene Knife Making with Lars Enander +

    Damascene Knife Making with Lars Enander The effective and safe use of a knife is one of the most fundamental aspects of Bushcraft, Read More
  • Hunting with an Air Rifle +

    Hunting with an Air Rifle Hunting with an Air Rifle If there’s one subject that seems to divide opinion within the Bushcraft Read More
  • Kayak Fishing open sea +

    Kayak Fishing open sea Fishing from a Kayak has been a tradition in my family for as long as I can Read More
  • Making a Sycamore Twig Whistle +

    Making a Sycamore Twig Whistle I am still receiving hate mail from the parents and teachers of all the kids I’ve shown Read More
  • Obtaining Water from Snow and Ice +

    Obtaining Water from Snow and Ice “Water Water everywhere, nor any drop to Drink” Samuel Taylor Coleridge (The Ancient Mariner) When Coleridge wrote Read More
  • Paiute Trap +

    Paiute Trap The skill of trapping is one of the most fascinating yet controversial aspects of Bushcraft. In an Read More
  • The Catapult as a Hunting Tool +

    The Catapult as a Hunting Tool In the minds of many people a catapult is nothing more than a child’s toy, or one Read More
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